Death Llamas

The Story So Far
(aka "a brief recap of the first six months")

Based in the small town of Winterfell (located on the southern border of the Icetop Peaks), the Death Llamas are the largest congregation of the Raven Queen’s faith in the area. They operate one of the town’s two taverns (The Tavern of the Undecided Name) and have earned a reputation as a reliable mercenary band in the few months they have spent adventuring.

Their first major success was infiltrating the Keep on the Shadowfell and defeating Kalael, a powerful death cultist who worshiped Orcus. He sought to unleash the forces of shadow upon the keep and nearby Winterfell in hopes of gaining favor with the Demon Lord of the Undead.

Their fame continued to spread with the rescue of a young girl from a band of bloodthirsty goblins and the ransacking of an evil wizard’s trap-filled tower (with the help of druid Shard Swiftlance and hapless warlock Pax Truecoins). The lord of Winterfell granted them their current guildhall in town as a reward.

Disaster struck Winterfell in their absence; dozens of villagers were kidnapped by gnoll slavers and taken deep in to Thunderspire Labyrinth. The Llamas ventured forth and wiped the slavers off the map. Their adventures led them to delve deep in to the Well of Demons. Eventually, the band located the architect of the plot: Paldemar, an overly ambitious sorcerer bent on taking control of the surface-Underdark trading post, the Seven Pillared Hall. The Llamas quickly defeated the spellcaster (where they briefly made the acquaintance of a bard named Tomias before he fled in terror) and returned home.

Some weeks passed, and the group was summoned to investigate reports of the undead in a desecrated Raven Queen monastery to the north. Once again joined by Pax, the group uncovered the secrets behind the monastery’s downfall (a plague known as the Red Death) and dispatched the undead.

Wandering the Vale again, the party came upon a hamlet devoted to Bahamut King of Dragons. With the help of a flock of griffons, they rescued a silver dragon’s egg from a nest of harpies. The silver dragon was grateful and generous in her reward.

From here, the future is unknown!

Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams
Something stirs in the heart of the Nethir Wilds

As you return to your tavern on the northern roads, sun glistens off new snow, making a stunning contrast to the tangled darkness of the forest next to the road. Ahead you spot a large group of travelers approaching, both on foot and by horse-drawn wagon. They appear well dressed in white and black robes, and in a moment you can hear the mournful sound of their distant chanting. It appears to be a sort of religious pilgrimage…

The Tale Continues
(or, another brief recap)

After defeating the hideous aberration lurking withing the Tomb of Dreams, our anti-heroes were joined by Miraun, the reincarnated form of Arannis. Together, they journeyed throughout the Vale, rescuing a Silver Dragon and generally cleansing the area of monsters and loot.

Summoned by a town under attack by a legion of trolls, our heroes set out to investigate. While unable to rescue the town from the troll army, the Llamas have tracked their leader to a vast cavern complex known as the Trollhaunt Warrens. Barely defeating a blue dragon guarding the seaside entrance, the band ventured in to the stinking caves in search of Skalmad, the King of the Trolls…

Journey to the Feywild
In pursuit of the King of Trolls

After laying waste to Skalmad and his minions (not once, but twice in a 30 minute period) only to have the Troll King escape both times, the Death Llamas used the power of the Crystal Seat to transport themselves to the Feywild. Now, at the base of an ancient fortress, our aggressive anti-heroes press forward…

Arcane Portals and Giant Guardians

Just outside their arrival point in the Feywild, the Llamas encountered an ancient portal in the cliff side. After battling for what seemed like an eternity against a trio of nigh-invulnerable helmed horrors, the band managed to open the portal with the help of some minor magical repairs and a hefty dose of eladrin blood.

The portal transported the Llamas to the top of the cliff (an otherwise dangerous climb), directly in front of an ancient guardhouse. Inside, an insane giant (a shadow disciple of the troll king) used exploding statues, poison gas, and dark magics against the heroes, nearly slaying Edmund in the process. Eventually, the day was won.

When we last left our heroes, they were contemplating where to head next…

The Betrayal

Some days after the Llamas had defeated Vard (the reincarnation of an ancient troll king) and the Stone Cauldron (an formorian artifact with the power to raise the dead), the band awoke to find their weapons missing. A cryptic note written in haiku, a defiled Raven Queen temple, and the missing presence of Sterling led the heroes to a single conclusion: they had been betrayed!

An epic battle ensued when the Llamas discovered Sterling (and their weapons) in a small temple dedicated to “death” (the concept). Infused with the power of Nerul, the former god of death, Sterling managed to slay Edmund by dissolving him in a 25ft deep pool of acid.

Despite the setback, Edmund managed to linger in spirit form long enough to aid his allies. Blessed with the Raven Queen’s fortune, the Llamas discovered and promptly focus-fired a bit of Nerul’s essence that had attached itself to Sterling. With the god-tumor removed, Nerul’s influence on Sterling quickly receded.

Although Erastes was upset with the loss of his friend and mentor at the hands (and feet) of the monk, the other Llamas decided to spare Sterling’s life…

Temple of the Snake God
A delightful romp through a cave with ettins!

Overhearing a trader’s conversation in Edmund’s, the Death Llamas set out to investigate reports of a spleen-eating ettin terrorizing one of the local villages. Handily dispatching the two-headed beast, the Llamas discovered a secret entrance into a temple of Zehir, god of darkness and snakes.

A somewhat epic battle against Zehir’s minions ensued. When the carnage settled, our intrepid anti-heroes discovered an extraplanar portal to The Howling Night, a frightful plane of wind, cold, and various unpleasant beasts.

Unable to shut the portal, the Llamas returned to Edmund’s…

The Hall of Echoing Screams

Recently, the Nethir Vale has been struck by a series of massive earthquakes. A scouting band from Winterfell brings the Death Llamas word of what appears to be a dwarven fortress unearthed by the cataclysmic tremors. What long lost treasures, or horrors, could be lurking within?

An Old Man's Letter

Some time after the you returned the dwarven tattooist’s armor, you receive a letter from an old acquaintance, Valthrun the Prescient (one of Winterfell’s residents, you recall, that helped you in your early adventures in the Keep on the Shadowfell). He writes:

Honored Llamas,

Your deeds speak well of your good intentions and your concern for the civilized lands. I write to you to ask for your aid in a most troubling matter. For the past several days, I have observed a glittering red streak in the sky. Last night, it flared like a star before vanishing in to the darkness. If my readings of the heavens above are correct, this heralds the appearance of a great evil in our lands. I dare not reveal what I know in this letter for fear it may fall in to the hands of our enemies. I beg you to make due haste to my tower north of town.


Journey through the Underdark

The Llamas met Valthrun at his tower north of town. After welcoming them in to his tower, the sage explained his message:

“My friends, according to my research and after recent consultation with my colleague in Theria…I have determined that the red omen in the sky heralds the coming of a new exarch of Orcus. The Saruun Mages in Thunderspire’s Seven-pillared Hall have informed me of increased undead activity in the Underdark tunnels leading to the drow outpost of Phaervol as well. If we are to prevent Orcus from spreading his influence across our lands, we must defeat this threat while it is still in its infancy.”

Gifting the Llamas with a pendant of diplomacy (to ward off drow attacks) and an ancient map, the old man sent our heroes on their way.

It was a long hike to Thunderspire and the Seven-pillared Hall. The Saruun Mages, happy to have received the Llamas’ assistance in eliminating the duergar slaver threat some months earlier, provided them with access to their goods. After re-equipping themselves, the Llamas ventured into the pitch black tunnels of the Underdark.

After stumbling upon a great mushroom forest and a power-crazed aboleth (and its servitors), what other horrors could be lurking in the darkness?


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