Death Llamas

Arrival at Erastes' Keep
In which the Llamas establish a new home base

Following the defeat of the shadow dragon Urishtar at the hands of the Llamas, our heroes experienced an epic metamorphosis. Granted lands by the Raven Queen herself, the Raven Knight Erastes Fulmen now commands a keep in the Mourning Lands. Using Lord Fulmen’s keep as a staging point, our heroes begin to devise the solution to the “Orcus problem” that has plagued them since their first encounters on the outskirts of Winterfell…

The Haunt of Porapherah
In which the Llamas defeat the titular villian and retreive his ring

Pressing onwards, the Llamas found themselves faced with another necrotic obsidian door. This time around, the barrier proved less of a deterrent as Miraun destroyed it with a barrage of radiant energies. The sight inside the chamber beyond, however, was truly horrifying to behold. The Llamas were greeted with bone piles, packs of ghouls, a pair of wights, and the nightwalker himself: Porapherah.

A heated battle ensued as the Raven Queen’s champions fought tooth and nail against the undead abominations. Eventually, our heroes prevailed, obtaining one of the four soul rings required to enter Nightwyrm Fortress. The perceptive eyes of Olivier noticed a slit in the wall after the battle, and some careful manipulation revealed a hidden chamber with a solid marble altar inside. Glowing with radiant light, the altar bequeathed a powerful amulet of health to Lilith Wowbagger to aid the Llamas on their quest.

Now, with one soul ring in hand, on heroes press on further in to the jagged halls of Magrathar’s Teeth…

Magrathar's Teeth - Floor One
In which the Llamas begin their assault on Nightwyrm Fortress

Following a winding path sliced through the rock, battling against the wind and cold, our heroes arrived at the great curtain wall surrounding Nightwyrm Fortress. A large double door emanating an aura of dread blocked their path, but timely application of radiant attacks negated the door’s defenses. However, a horrid stench assaulted their senses as the door opened. Piles of decomposing bodies up to 15 feet high littered the room, fitting concealment for the ghouls the Llamas engaged soon afterward. Progressing further in to the Teeth, our heroes were confronted with a strange anomaly — a three-chamber room filled with necrotic and radiant energies. Turning the room’s natural properties to their advantage, the Llamas dispatched numerous ghoul and soul ravager guardians.

Edging through the hallway past the Chambers of Woe, a rasping whisper could be heard from the room beyond: “He says you are a gift, but you cannot even speak the noble language. A poor gift, I think. He vexes me. Perhaps you are clever enough to learn. If not, no matter. Porapherah will send along another plaything…perhaps one that can talk”

The voice turned out to be that of a mighty dracolich, the great Xenro Blackfire. Readying themselves for combat, the Llamas were prepared to strike out at the beast. However, the quick-witted bard Locke Vanthor saved the day. With his incredible bluffing skills, Locke pretended to have learned the Draconic language from the great Garmepostoplias, an ancient draconic linguist. Awed by the bard’s knowledge, Xenro told the Llamas of his plight: the great nightwalker Porapherah was in possession of his phylactery. If the Llamas agreed to help retrieve the priceless container, the dracolich would allow them to wander about unharmed.

Accepting Xenro’s offer, the Llamas pressed forward to the Haunt of Porapherah…

Return to the Shadowfell
In which the Llamas journey through ancient portals

Stepping through the portal in the frosty tomb, the Llamas founds themselves in a dusty room devoid of anything noteworthy, save for a large pair of doors on the southern wall. Much to their surprise, the doors opened to reveal a gaping chasm, likely a collapsed floor. During their crossing, Olivier discovered a secret catch alongside one of the walls, revealing a mysterious shrine and a blazing firestorm. Our heroes, with their eagle-like perception, noted that the source of the flames appears to be a skull of some sort. Lilith Wowbagger boldly grabbed the skull from its resting place, which whispered Who here has the strength to serve the Raven Queen?.

The skull, the legendary artifact known at the Skull of Sartine, was now in possession of the Death Llamas.

The band pressed forward, eventually arriving at the center of Sartine’s tomb. After battling bound servants of the Elemental Chaos (including efreet fireblades and fire archons) stationed to guard the portal, the Llamas activated an obsidian pillar that revealed the Shadowfell portal. Leaping in to the inky blackness of the pool, they traveled through the fabric of reality to the Shadowfell.

On a bleak, windy plain, the Llamas caught sight of their goal: a massive stone tower surronded by a spiked stone citadel. Above the top of the tower, a swirling vortex of cloud and shadow loomed ominously. Strange shadowy draconic wraiths chased souls in the distance, grabbing them and feeding them to the vortex.

After fighting off the welcoming party, a draconic wraith and a number of rot harbingers, the Llamas began their trek towards the spiky citadel…

Exploring the Tomb of Sartine

In a dim cavern lit by flickering torchlight, the Llamas were reunited. To the south of the room, a smooth stone wall set with iron double doors. On the cavern floor, two pools of water surrounded by four statues: a pair of ancient kings and two gargoyles perched on basalt pillars. The detail in the statues was eerie, bearing a semblance of life that went beyond artistry. Unsurprisingly, the statues came to life and attacked our heroes! However, the guardians were quickly dispatched. Miraun and Lilith Wowbagger approached the black iron doors, only to find a message scrawled on them in Common:

“Beyond these doors lies not treasure but disaster. To breach this portal is to invite the doom of a bloody and gruesome death.”

Ignoring the warning, the Llamas pressed on, knowing that this ancient doorway must lead to the fabled Tomb of Sartine.

The entry chamber was dominated by two obelisks, one in the northwest and the other in the southeast. The exit in the southwest, blocked by a pit, was largely inaccessible at first glance. When a skeletal guardian rose to attack the Llamas, Locke Vanthor spotted a number of rattling bone nagas in a nearby pit, alerting his friends to the danger.

While engaged in combat with the undead monstrosities, the nature of the obelisks was revealed as the Llamas were besieged by bolts of electricity that arced across the chamber. Armed with a key taken from the Crawling Cow’s minions, Lilith Wowbagger managed to deactivate the pillars and allow the Llamas to progress.

After a daring series of leaps across the pit, our heroes arrived in the next chamber of the tomb. Fighting off a bodak death knight and its undead minions, the Llamas smashed a number of toad statues and removed the lightning orb blocking their path. Erastes Fulmen claimed the bodak’s shadowy armor as a prize.

However, the way forward only led them in to a frigid hall, an echoing mausoleum as cold as darkest winter. A bleak frozen pool filled its center, while a circle scribed by flowing lines of energy was set in to the floor of the eastern hall. This would be one of the Llamas’ most difficult battles yet: an ancient angel of vengeance rose from the frozen pool to battle the intruders, while a quartet of sword wraiths caught Serafina off guard.

Thinking quickly, and with a little help from Locke Vanthor, Serafina enthralled the wraiths using the necromantic powers of Nightbringer. Forcing the wraiths to hand her their swords, the warden rendered them virtually useless in combat. After a grueling fight, the Llamas bested the angel, leaving the portal open for inspection…

Expedition to the Gloomdeeps
In which the Llamas uncover the identity of the Crawling God

Separated from their companions by the twisting tunnels of the Gloomdeeps, Cessi, Erastes Fulmen, and Lilith Wowbagger continued to press on through the darkness in search of the mysterious Tomb of Sartine. The band stumbled apon a number of cyclops guardians in a nearby cavern, the one-eyed giants apparently watching over a long-deceased corpse covered in purple scales. With little warning, the monsters attacked!

Luckily, the band thought to check the cavern’s ceiling before engaging the giants. However, much to their horror, an enormous carrion crawler descended from the stalactites above! Hell-bent on turning our heroes in to dinner, it waved its paralytic tentacles in a menacing fashion.

The Llamas would not be defeated by this worm, despite the creature’s best efforts. A mighty blow from Lilith clove the beast’s head from its body, putting the creature to rest. Now, rejoined by their wayward companions, the Llamas press forward in search of the Tomb…

Malevolent Forces
In which the Llamas discover something is afoot in the land of the passing dead

Exiting Lord Hogarth Padraig’s former home, the Llamas trekked back to Winterfell along the winding path south. As they walked, cold rain buffeting their faces, our heroes noticed a crowd gathered outside an open mausoleum in the Winterfell graveyard. It was there that the group witnesses the failed resurrection of Jothan Ironspell. Rather than return to life, Jothan’s corpse remained still—instead, a shadowy cloud of mist in the shape of a dragon burst forth from the open mausoleum screaming “THIS ONE IS MINE!” before vanishing back in to the ether.

While discussing the event with Mayraa, Jothan’s shadar-kai ally and friend, the Llamas were attacked by Orcus’s minions. Enraged at the destruction of his summer home, the vengeful Demon Lord of the Undead launched an pack of wights at our heroes. Morale in Orcus’s undead ranks must have been low that day, because the Llamas easily defeated the undead minions without a single wound being taken. The crowd cheered at this incredible feat, some saying that the group “must be blessed by the Raven Queen herself.”

From there, the party continued onward to investigate the Gloomdeeps and uncover the mysterious Tomb of Sartine, a known portal to the Shadowfell, in hopes of finding more clues related to the shadow mist’s appearance.

The Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress
In which the Llamas are confronted with a reality where death is eternal

Local Winterfellian hero Jothan Ironspell has fallen in battle, and all attempts to raise him from the dead have failed. He is not alone—someone, or something, is stealing and devouring the spirits of the dead in defiance of the Raven Queen. All signs point to the Shadowfell and an ancient fortress with a monstrous secret.

Thus begins the epic conclusion to the tale that began in marshes of The Trollhaunt Warrens and eventually led our heroes deep in to the Underdark in search of the Demon Queen’s Enclave and Orcus’s exarch…

The Beast Escapes
And a long-time patron falls to the Llamas' blades

In the very room where Kalael was defeated long ago in Keep on the Shadowfell, a reanimated host of foes awaited the Llamas. Even Irontooth, the axe-wielding goblin leader of the local kobolds, rose once again to face our heroes. A long, exhausting battle ensued with the Llamas facing off against the shadowy tentacled beast from beyond the portal.

However, the Llamas were unable to prevent the beast from escaping the castle out in to the world…

With but a brief rest, they went to relay this news to Lord Hogarth Padraig, only to find their former patron simmering with rage. Angered at the Llamas’ apparent “betrayal” by overstaying their welcome in nearby Ironfell, Padraig attacked with his host of empowered guards.

Reduced to their basic abilities, the Llamas eventually prevailed against Padraig. Now in control of Winterfell, what will the Llamas do with their new-found rulership?

Return to the Keep on the Shadowfell
Revisiting the first epic quest

As the Llamas stood amidst the smoldering ruins of Edmund’s, they were approached by an old acquaintance: the wizened sage Valthrun. The old man informed our heroes that strange happenings had plagued the Keep on the Shadowfell in the past few days, noting that “Although you have little reason to help us, the citizens of Winterfell would rest easier knowing that the Keep was once again calm.

The Llamas agreed to investigate, making their way back to the scene of their initial adventures over three years prior.

With Serafina and Miraun unavailable, the combined forces of Erastes Fulmen, Kelebrindal, Lilith Wowbagger, Cessi, and Pax Truecoins entered the depths under the forsaken fortress. It was there that they were besieged by undead forces—minions of Orcus no doubt! What vile plans could the Demon Prince of the Undead have set in motion? And what of Kalael, the death cultist who sought to open a permanent rift between the Keep and one of Orcus’s fine summer homes? Was he truely defeated when he was sucked in to the inky darkness of the basement portal?


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