Death Llamas

Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams
Something stirs in the heart of the Nethir Wilds

As you return to your tavern on the northern roads, sun glistens off new snow, making a stunning contrast to the tangled darkness of the forest next to the road. Ahead you spot a large group of travelers approaching, both on foot and by horse-drawn wagon. They appear well dressed in white and black robes, and in a moment you can hear the mournful sound of their distant chanting. It appears to be a sort of religious pilgrimage…

The Story So Far
(aka "a brief recap of the first six months")

Based in the small town of Winterfell (located on the southern border of the Icetop Peaks), the Death Llamas are the largest congregation of the Raven Queen’s faith in the area. They operate one of the town’s two taverns (The Tavern of the Undecided Name) and have earned a reputation as a reliable mercenary band in the few months they have spent adventuring.

Their first major success was infiltrating the Keep on the Shadowfell and defeating Kalael, a powerful death cultist who worshiped Orcus. He sought to unleash the forces of shadow upon the keep and nearby Winterfell in hopes of gaining favor with the Demon Lord of the Undead.

Their fame continued to spread with the rescue of a young girl from a band of bloodthirsty goblins and the ransacking of an evil wizard’s trap-filled tower (with the help of druid Shard Swiftlance and hapless warlock Pax Truecoins). The lord of Winterfell granted them their current guildhall in town as a reward.

Disaster struck Winterfell in their absence; dozens of villagers were kidnapped by gnoll slavers and taken deep in to Thunderspire Labyrinth. The Llamas ventured forth and wiped the slavers off the map. Their adventures led them to delve deep in to the Well of Demons. Eventually, the band located the architect of the plot: Paldemar, an overly ambitious sorcerer bent on taking control of the surface-Underdark trading post, the Seven Pillared Hall. The Llamas quickly defeated the spellcaster (where they briefly made the acquaintance of a bard named Tomias before he fled in terror) and returned home.

Some weeks passed, and the group was summoned to investigate reports of the undead in a desecrated Raven Queen monastery to the north. Once again joined by Pax, the group uncovered the secrets behind the monastery’s downfall (a plague known as the Red Death) and dispatched the undead.

Wandering the Vale again, the party came upon a hamlet devoted to Bahamut King of Dragons. With the help of a flock of griffons, they rescued a silver dragon’s egg from a nest of harpies. The silver dragon was grateful and generous in her reward.

From here, the future is unknown!


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