Locke Vanthor

Owner and proprietor of Vanthor's Adventuring Temp Agency (Inc.)


====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ====== Locke Vanthor, level 17 Changeling, Bard, Life Singer Bardic Virtue: Virtue of Cunning Arcane Implement Proficiency: Arcane Implement Proficiency (Staff) Becomer: Intimidate Bonus Background: Occupation – Entertainer (+2 to Bluff)

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 9, Con 11, Dex 12, Int 20, Wis 11, Cha 24.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 8, Con 10, Dex 11, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 18.

AC: 32 Fort: 21 Reflex: 28 Will: 30 HP: 103 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 25

TRAINED SKILLS Arcana +18, Intimidate +29, History +18, Bluff +27, Diplomacy +22

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +12, Dungeoneering +12, Endurance +11, Heal +12, Insight +18, Nature +12, Perception +12, Religion +17, Stealth +12, Streetwise +19, Thievery +12, Athletics +10

FEATS Bard: Ritual Caster Level 1: Linguist Level 2: Becomer Level 4: Skill Focus (Bluff) Level 6: Arcane Implement Proficiency Level 8: Mark of Scribing Level 10: Superior Implement Training (Accurate staff) Level 11: Bard of All Trades Level 12: Arcane Familiar Level 14: Sight of the Familiar Level 16: Skill Focus (Intimidate)

POWERS Bard at-will 1: Vicious Mockery Bard at-will 1: Staggering Note Bard encounter 1: Blunder Bard daily 1: Stirring Shout Bard utility 2: Strategist’s Epiphany Bard encounter 3: Dissonant Strain Bard daily 5: Song of Discord Bard utility 6: Chord of Resilience Bard encounter 7: Theft of Life Bard daily 9: Symphony of Misfortune Bard utility 10: Mantle of Unity Bard encounter 13: Insult of Passivity (replaces Blunder) Bard daily 15: Satire of Evasion (replaces Symphony of Misfortune) Bard utility 16: Haste Bard encounter 17: Masks of Menace (replaces Dissonant Strain)http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/death-llamas/characters/new

ITEMS Ritual Book, Adventurer’s Kit, Light Shield, Imposter’s Forgemail +4, Medallion of the Mind +3, Polyglot Gem (heroic tier), Handy Haversack (heroic tier), Footpads, Hat of Disguise (heroic tier), Travel Papers, Standard Identification Papers, Residuum (Any) (15000), Lyre, Lute, Inquisitive’s Kit, Identification Papers with Portrait, Silk Rope (50 ft.), Glass Cutter, Fine Clothing, Silent Tool (heroic tier), Battlestrider Greaves (paragon tier), Bracers of Brachiation (heroic tier), Shuriken (8), Doss Lute +2, Crook of Remembrance Accurate staff +4, Ritualist’s Lectern (paragon tier), Portal Rod (heroic tier) RITUALS Conceal Dragon mark, Glib Limerick, Fantastic Recuperation, False Aura, Create Teleportation Circle, Seeming, Song of Restfulness, Ghost Walk, Raise Dead, Anthem of Unity, Knock, Dark Light, Aura Mask, Familiar Mount, Linked Portal, Fluid Funds, Chorus of Truth


Locke Vanthor in an enigmatic figure who operates Vanthor’s Adventuring Temp Agency (Inc). Locke greatly prefers reason to violence, but he isn’t picky when he’s getting paid to do something.

Locke is a master of disguise and diplomacy.

Vanthor’s Adventuring Temp Agency also operates a convenient prison facility. This is a 40X40X40 room located 30 feet under ground (solid granite). It is only accessible by the permanent teleportation circle on its roof or by the pass wall ritual. The prison is used to hold subdued prisoners captured during jobs.

Locke Vanthor

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