Erastes Fulmen

Herald of the Raven Queen and a master of blades


Erastes is a good person to have on your side, provided you keep him well supplied with gold. Do not worry though, if you fail to pay him he will simply steal what he considers a fair wage from your pocket. Being a devotee of the Raven Queen, he will brook no nonsense about saving people for no gain, and considers a knife to the throat a worthy antidote if he finds some poor soul in pain.

Recently Erastes has been gaining favor in the eyes of the queen of fate, and she has granted him her boon in the form of a dark misty shroud appearing around him. He is well pleased with this notice, as he has devoted his soul to her service. He knows that he is not above dying himself, but until that day comes he will gladly pave that dark road with the souls of the proud.

Many wonder if perhaps Erastes is insane, but it is likely that they do not know of the pain he has gone through in his life. While he was growing up he was routinely beaten and starved by his Tiefling captors, whenever he made the slightest mistakes. This treatment brought him to the brink of insanity; as well as instilling in him the pursuit of perfection in everything that he does. When he finally snapped and killed his captors, he very nearly went over the edge. It was only Brother Edmund teaching him that their deaths were fated, and just, that saved him. His every thought became bent towards advancing the cause of his Queen.

Recently, Erastes has been indoctrinated into one of the higher orders of the faith, the much feared Raven Heralds.

All who stand in the way of fate must die, this he accepts. He does not hate these poor souls, but that will not stay his hand. The Queen of the fates can decide who dies and who lives. He reserves his hatred for those mortals who pay lip service to the Queen, but whose faith is imperfect. These are the ones who should truly fear him.

Erastes Fulmen

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