Death Llamas

The Haunt of Porapherah

In which the Llamas defeat the titular villian and retreive his ring

Pressing onwards, the Llamas found themselves faced with another necrotic obsidian door. This time around, the barrier proved less of a deterrent as Miraun destroyed it with a barrage of radiant energies. The sight inside the chamber beyond, however, was truly horrifying to behold. The Llamas were greeted with bone piles, packs of ghouls, a pair of wights, and the nightwalker himself: Porapherah.

A heated battle ensued as the Raven Queen’s champions fought tooth and nail against the undead abominations. Eventually, our heroes prevailed, obtaining one of the four soul rings required to enter Nightwyrm Fortress. The perceptive eyes of Olivier noticed a slit in the wall after the battle, and some careful manipulation revealed a hidden chamber with a solid marble altar inside. Glowing with radiant light, the altar bequeathed a powerful amulet of health to Lilith Wowbagger to aid the Llamas on their quest.

Now, with one soul ring in hand, on heroes press on further in to the jagged halls of Magrathar’s Teeth…



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