Death Llamas

Magrathar's Teeth - Floor One

In which the Llamas begin their assault on Nightwyrm Fortress

Following a winding path sliced through the rock, battling against the wind and cold, our heroes arrived at the great curtain wall surrounding Nightwyrm Fortress. A large double door emanating an aura of dread blocked their path, but timely application of radiant attacks negated the door’s defenses. However, a horrid stench assaulted their senses as the door opened. Piles of decomposing bodies up to 15 feet high littered the room, fitting concealment for the ghouls the Llamas engaged soon afterward. Progressing further in to the Teeth, our heroes were confronted with a strange anomaly — a three-chamber room filled with necrotic and radiant energies. Turning the room’s natural properties to their advantage, the Llamas dispatched numerous ghoul and soul ravager guardians.

Edging through the hallway past the Chambers of Woe, a rasping whisper could be heard from the room beyond: “He says you are a gift, but you cannot even speak the noble language. A poor gift, I think. He vexes me. Perhaps you are clever enough to learn. If not, no matter. Porapherah will send along another plaything…perhaps one that can talk”

The voice turned out to be that of a mighty dracolich, the great Xenro Blackfire. Readying themselves for combat, the Llamas were prepared to strike out at the beast. However, the quick-witted bard Locke Vanthor saved the day. With his incredible bluffing skills, Locke pretended to have learned the Draconic language from the great Garmepostoplias, an ancient draconic linguist. Awed by the bard’s knowledge, Xenro told the Llamas of his plight: the great nightwalker Porapherah was in possession of his phylactery. If the Llamas agreed to help retrieve the priceless container, the dracolich would allow them to wander about unharmed.

Accepting Xenro’s offer, the Llamas pressed forward to the Haunt of Porapherah…



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