Death Llamas

Journey through the Underdark

The Llamas met Valthrun at his tower north of town. After welcoming them in to his tower, the sage explained his message:

“My friends, according to my research and after recent consultation with my colleague in Theria…I have determined that the red omen in the sky heralds the coming of a new exarch of Orcus. The Saruun Mages in Thunderspire’s Seven-pillared Hall have informed me of increased undead activity in the Underdark tunnels leading to the drow outpost of Phaervol as well. If we are to prevent Orcus from spreading his influence across our lands, we must defeat this threat while it is still in its infancy.”

Gifting the Llamas with a pendant of diplomacy (to ward off drow attacks) and an ancient map, the old man sent our heroes on their way.

It was a long hike to Thunderspire and the Seven-pillared Hall. The Saruun Mages, happy to have received the Llamas’ assistance in eliminating the duergar slaver threat some months earlier, provided them with access to their goods. After re-equipping themselves, the Llamas ventured into the pitch black tunnels of the Underdark.

After stumbling upon a great mushroom forest and a power-crazed aboleth (and its servitors), what other horrors could be lurking in the darkness?



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