Death Llamas

Exploring the Tomb of Sartine

In a dim cavern lit by flickering torchlight, the Llamas were reunited. To the south of the room, a smooth stone wall set with iron double doors. On the cavern floor, two pools of water surrounded by four statues: a pair of ancient kings and two gargoyles perched on basalt pillars. The detail in the statues was eerie, bearing a semblance of life that went beyond artistry. Unsurprisingly, the statues came to life and attacked our heroes! However, the guardians were quickly dispatched. Miraun and Lilith Wowbagger approached the black iron doors, only to find a message scrawled on them in Common:

“Beyond these doors lies not treasure but disaster. To breach this portal is to invite the doom of a bloody and gruesome death.”

Ignoring the warning, the Llamas pressed on, knowing that this ancient doorway must lead to the fabled Tomb of Sartine.

The entry chamber was dominated by two obelisks, one in the northwest and the other in the southeast. The exit in the southwest, blocked by a pit, was largely inaccessible at first glance. When a skeletal guardian rose to attack the Llamas, Locke Vanthor spotted a number of rattling bone nagas in a nearby pit, alerting his friends to the danger.

While engaged in combat with the undead monstrosities, the nature of the obelisks was revealed as the Llamas were besieged by bolts of electricity that arced across the chamber. Armed with a key taken from the Crawling Cow’s minions, Lilith Wowbagger managed to deactivate the pillars and allow the Llamas to progress.

After a daring series of leaps across the pit, our heroes arrived in the next chamber of the tomb. Fighting off a bodak death knight and its undead minions, the Llamas smashed a number of toad statues and removed the lightning orb blocking their path. Erastes Fulmen claimed the bodak’s shadowy armor as a prize.

However, the way forward only led them in to a frigid hall, an echoing mausoleum as cold as darkest winter. A bleak frozen pool filled its center, while a circle scribed by flowing lines of energy was set in to the floor of the eastern hall. This would be one of the Llamas’ most difficult battles yet: an ancient angel of vengeance rose from the frozen pool to battle the intruders, while a quartet of sword wraiths caught Serafina off guard.

Thinking quickly, and with a little help from Locke Vanthor, Serafina enthralled the wraiths using the necromantic powers of Nightbringer. Forcing the wraiths to hand her their swords, the warden rendered them virtually useless in combat. After a grueling fight, the Llamas bested the angel, leaving the portal open for inspection…



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