Death Llamas

Allied with the Drow

An unholy alliance

With guidance from the Raven Queen, the Llamas ventured towards a nearby barracks in search of a way to combat Orcus’s influence in Phaervol. It was there they encountered a small force of drow, led by Commander Zaknoril. In an uncharacteristic move, Erastes elected to pursue a diplomatic approach to the situation, presenting the pendant of diplomacy the group received before they ventured in to the Underdark.

The commander gave the Llamas a mission to prove their loyalty: seek out and destroy an idol of Orcus. This profane artifact was the source of the abyssal storms wreaking havoc on the ruins of Phaervol. Battling against an undead husk spider, a immoleth (flame demon), and a swarm of imps, the Llamas managed to destroy the idol. They soon returned to the Commander with the good news.

In an equally uncharacteristic move, the drow battlemaster kept his word, bringing the Llamas to his Matron for an audience. The Matron, although condescending, pointed the Llamas towards the source of Orcus’s destruction: a small villa on the west side of the outpost.

The villa had been converted in to a profane temple to Orcus and was filled with vampire spawn, banshees, and a temperamental vampire lord (strictly speaking, lady). Although harried and challenged at every turn (facing terrifying banshee wails and dominating stares), the Llamas prevailed. Exhausted and unready to enter the nearby portal to places unknown, they set up camp for the night…



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