Death Llamas

A City in Flames

The Llamas continued their travels through the lightless tunnels of the Underdark in search of the drow outpost of Phaervol, only to come upon a showdown between the forces of a drider fanglord and an abyssal ghoul lieutenant of Orcus. A pitched battle ensued, with the drow temporarily allying with the llamas to dispatch Orcus’s forces. However, our heroes slew the unfortunate dark elves, unwilling to let them bring word of the Llamas’ arrival to their evil masters.

When the Llamas reached the bridge leading in to Phaervol, they were presented with a horrific sight: a scorched battlefield full of smoldering buildings and abyssal smoke, occasionally punctuated by a bloodcurdling scream. Orcus’s forces had nearly destroyed the outpost with the sole exception of Lloth’s temple on the center plateau.

Crossing the bridge was not an easy task—a demonweb guardian spider fiercely defended the span, forcing the Llamas off the sides of the bridge to be devoured by Lloth’s scorned (drow transformed in to hideous spider-y monsters). Although the beast put up quite the fight, our heroes prevailed and dispatched it back to the Abyss.

Now, the Llamas enter the smoking ruins of Phaervol in search of clues pointing to the identity of Orcus’s new soon-to-be exarch…



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