The Raven Queen’s herald.
A dragonborn warrior said to be a scion of ancient Arkhosia.
A goliath warden who draws her powers from the earth itself.
A deva wizard reborn countless times, hounded by the Twisted Rune.
A valiant ardent whose charisma is dwarfed only by her capacity for justice.
A mysterious bard who runs an adventurers-for-hire agency.
An insane watcher of the stars.

These are the Death Llamas.

A band of some of the strangest adventurers this side of the Realm, the Death Llamas seek their fame and fortune in the Nethir Vale (and regions slightly farther away). Starring Erastes Fulmen, Lilith Wowbagger, Serafina, Miraun, Cessi, Locke Vanthor, and Pax Truecoins as “the understudy.”

Read the adventure log for tales of the Llamas’ exploits, or check out the wiki for more detailed information.

Death Llamas

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