Shard Swiftlance

A swordmage wielding the powers of winter's chill


Raised in the mountains by wizards, Shard always wanted to go to fighter school. Or was it the other way around? No matter. Over the course of his youth, he developed his arcane and martial talents until they were as the finely honed blade of a hedge clipper. Unfortunately, the constant winter weather of the mountains left him with a somewhat one-dimensional array of abilities (all related to cold).

After leaving home one day, he discovered that he had the uncanny ability to become lost wherever he was. This generally resulted in him ending up in dangerous situations.

He is particularly fond of stuff that:
  • Explodes
  • Freezes
  • Explodes in a frozen blast
  • Freezes in the middle of an explosion
  • Dwarven ale
  • Pitons (the climbing sort)

Later in his adventuring career, Shard obtained a weakly empowered magical item known as the Flagon of Ale Procurement. The flagon helped solve his lack of directional sense due to its ability to locate the nearest source of ale. Depressingly, it bears an uncanny resemblance to his Flagon of Life Draining.

Shard Swiftlance

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