Malto Dextrin

A sarcastic, lecherous wizard's skull. Oh, and he talks too.


In life Malto Dextrin wasn’t a particularly great wizard. In fact, he was pretty crappy. But ladies like the magic, and so he was mostly renowned for being a lecherous perv.

He finally crossed the line by stealing the affections of a young maiden whose ex-boyfriend was a powerful wizard. To defend his honor Malto was forced to duel… which he lost… badly.

Now for almost all of eternity he was doomed to have his soul trapped in his own gnomish skull greeting travelers in the wizard’s tower.

Recently, in attempt to save his “eternal” love Lilith of the Death Llamas, he used what little magic he had to drift all the Death Llama crew to safety after rescuing a unicorn. While is greatly believed that he has dissipated into ether no one can quite be sure where he is.

Malto Dextrin

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