A maiden whose body is easy on the eyes and whose smile warms the coldest of hearts.


Ardent: Euphoric Build – Mantle of Elation
Paragon Path: Talaric Strategist
Primary Stat: Charisma
Secondary Stat: Constitution
Weapon of Choice: Full-blade
Highest Armor Proficiency: Chain
Hair Style Decade: 80’s


An except from Cessi’s Journal:

So head my words, reader:
Do not believe that you are powerless.
Do not believe in the Deities that have propagated this system of soul bondage us mortals now endure.
Do not believe that the legions of evil are without end.

Believe in yourself.
Believe in your brothers and sisters who would stand alongside you in defiance of such tyranny.
Believe in me and I will lead us all to a brighter future.


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