Reformed sleeper agent of Nerull, now resident punching expert of the Death Llamas


Centered Breath, Radiant Fist.

Age: 108

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Violet

Hometown: A mysterious mountaintop monastery

Hobbies: Mortuary sculpture, soccer, archery, comparative religious studies

Likes: Death, punching, playing this little stone ocarina she carved

Dislikes: Minions, Nerull

Formerly known as Sterling.

Moveset: Ki Punch, Centered Flurry, Starblade Flurry, Ki Arrow, Firestorm Arrow, Dragon’s Tail, Five Storms, Open the Gate of Battle, Step Between the Worlds, Three Winds Kick, Divine Sun, One Hundred Leaves, Twilight Touch, Ring the Golden Bell


Countless moons ago, the elf-maid Kelebrindal lived with her mother Elenwei on the peak of the Crying Heaven Mountain, where they attended to funerary monks as adjuncts. Elenwei was clever at stonecraft, and aided the monks at the fashioning of funerary tablets and reliquaries. However, Elenwei’s heart remained of the forest, where she had met Kelebrindal’s father and loved him, long ago. She passed away one winter as she thought of their last meeting, and Kelebrindal was left an orphan. The monks of Crying Heaven gave Elenwei their highest honors, and offered Kelebrindal a place among them.

Kelebrindal did not fear the monks, as she had grown up with them. She continued as her mother had done, carving the artifacts of death for the grim monestary. However, her body and soul yearned for more than art. A wise abbot, Hsin Yu, saw this and took Kelebrindal as a personal protege. Kelebrindal learned from them the centered breath techniques, and excelled in the martial disciplines. The monks saw death as a part of the fate that all the world shared, and called their technique Heaven’s Fist.

Only a short while passed before the monestary was destroyed by the forces of a demon named Plague Wind. At the time, Kelebrindal was several mountains away fetching herbs, but she saw clearly the Crying Heaven Mountain alight with mortal flames. When Kelebrindal returned, most of the monks had died. Hsin Yu was among the survivors, and she set about restoring the monastery. Kelebrindal, in contrast, decided to leave to stregthen herself and perhaps one day defeat Plague Wind.

Before long Kelebrindal had fallen into the company of adventurers, people who delved the dark depths for treasure and glory. Frequently they fought with demons, and in Kelebrindal’s eyes each fight brought her closer to her goal of defeating Plague Wind. However, one delve took a turn for the worse. She and her companions had infiltrated a temple of Vecna, and had fought their way to the inner sanctum. One by one, Kelebrindal’s companions fell beneath the necrotic bolts of the priest-king therein. But Kelebrindal dealt a lucky blow, and cracked the priest-king’s skull with her fist. Bleeding and weary, she opened the central relic-box of the temple. Therein lay a single shard of bone. Unknown to Kelebrindal, this was a piece of the body of Nerull, the God of Death who was usurped by the Raven Queen, who fashioned a throne from his corpse. Ignorant, Kelebrindal picked up the shard.

Instantly the spirit of Nerull entered Kelebrindal. The bone fragment faded into dust, but Kelebrindal became a devotee of purest evil. She wished for the destruction of all life, and vengeance against the Raven Queen. As a mark of the Dead God’s favor, all pigment was struck from her body, turning her black hair white and her lavender eyes red. Where once she was forthright, all in her turned to lies. All that she was – a tool of the Dead God. She desired to strengthen herself to one day fight the forces of the usurper bitch Queen.

Kelebrindal left the corpses of her companions to rot in that temple to Vecna. For a time, she wandered the land as Sterling, a Common-ization of her real name, seeking to test herself against strong foes.


After many moons, Sterling found herself in the company of a troupe of adventurers devoted to the Raven Queen. In time, she betrayed them, stealing what was dearest to them, and slaying their priest Edmund. However, the adventurers drew the shard of Nerull from her body, leaving her with the knowledge of all that she had done in His service. She offered her neck to the Death Llamas, but they spared her.

Her name is Kelebrindal again, and she wants to make amends for all she has done. She remains a devotee of the gods, and seeks personal enlightenment.


Death Llamas nephandi