Pax Truecoins

Irrevocably insane, but infused with the power of the stars themselves


Warlock (Star Pact)
Paragon Path: Student of Caiphon
Twofold Pact: Fey Pact
Background: Birth – Prophecy of Doom


Born at the apex of a solar eclipse, Pax was marked from birth as the herald of an ancient prophecy of doom: that he would one day tear the eldritch barriers separating the world from the Far Realm asunder, bringing unknowable horrors in to our reality.

As he grew older, Pax studied the limitless abysses of the night and the bright points of enigmatic light that hang between them. He listened to the baffling disordered sounds that emerged from the simple astronomical lenses used to study the skies. After a time, he learned the stars were not the innocent lamps above the world that most assumed.

One night, he dreamed of a fitful star of purple fire. Walking through an ooze the seemed to extend past the horizon, Pax arrived at the edge of a slime-lined pit that pulsed and heaved like a living maw, eager to consume. He hurled himself into the cavity as the purple star flared, plummeting into an amoebic sea, where he was digested over the course of a thousand years (or perhaps just one night).

When he woke, his eyes were opaque purple orbs.

Even though Pax hears only the merest fragments of Caiphon’s never-ending instructions and insights, they are enough to put a knowing smile on his face.

Pax Truecoins

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