Death Llamas

The Beast Escapes

And a long-time patron falls to the Llamas' blades

In the very room where Kalael was defeated long ago in Keep on the Shadowfell, a reanimated host of foes awaited the Llamas. Even Irontooth, the axe-wielding goblin leader of the local kobolds, rose once again to face our heroes. A long, exhausting battle ensued with the Llamas facing off against the shadowy tentacled beast from beyond the portal.

However, the Llamas were unable to prevent the beast from escaping the castle out in to the world…

With but a brief rest, they went to relay this news to Lord Hogarth Padraig, only to find their former patron simmering with rage. Angered at the Llamas’ apparent “betrayal” by overstaying their welcome in nearby Ironfell, Padraig attacked with his host of empowered guards.

Reduced to their basic abilities, the Llamas eventually prevailed against Padraig. Now in control of Winterfell, what will the Llamas do with their new-found rulership?



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