Death Llamas

Return to the Shadowfell

In which the Llamas journey through ancient portals

Stepping through the portal in the frosty tomb, the Llamas founds themselves in a dusty room devoid of anything noteworthy, save for a large pair of doors on the southern wall. Much to their surprise, the doors opened to reveal a gaping chasm, likely a collapsed floor. During their crossing, Olivier discovered a secret catch alongside one of the walls, revealing a mysterious shrine and a blazing firestorm. Our heroes, with their eagle-like perception, noted that the source of the flames appears to be a skull of some sort. Lilith Wowbagger boldly grabbed the skull from its resting place, which whispered Who here has the strength to serve the Raven Queen?.

The skull, the legendary artifact known at the Skull of Sartine, was now in possession of the Death Llamas.

The band pressed forward, eventually arriving at the center of Sartine’s tomb. After battling bound servants of the Elemental Chaos (including efreet fireblades and fire archons) stationed to guard the portal, the Llamas activated an obsidian pillar that revealed the Shadowfell portal. Leaping in to the inky blackness of the pool, they traveled through the fabric of reality to the Shadowfell.

On a bleak, windy plain, the Llamas caught sight of their goal: a massive stone tower surronded by a spiked stone citadel. Above the top of the tower, a swirling vortex of cloud and shadow loomed ominously. Strange shadowy draconic wraiths chased souls in the distance, grabbing them and feeding them to the vortex.

After fighting off the welcoming party, a draconic wraith and a number of rot harbingers, the Llamas began their trek towards the spiky citadel…



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