Death Llamas

Return to the Keep on the Shadowfell

Revisiting the first epic quest

As the Llamas stood amidst the smoldering ruins of Edmund’s, they were approached by an old acquaintance: the wizened sage Valthrun. The old man informed our heroes that strange happenings had plagued the Keep on the Shadowfell in the past few days, noting that “Although you have little reason to help us, the citizens of Winterfell would rest easier knowing that the Keep was once again calm.

The Llamas agreed to investigate, making their way back to the scene of their initial adventures over three years prior.

With Serafina and Miraun unavailable, the combined forces of Erastes Fulmen, Kelebrindal, Lilith Wowbagger, Cessi, and Pax Truecoins entered the depths under the forsaken fortress. It was there that they were besieged by undead forces—minions of Orcus no doubt! What vile plans could the Demon Prince of the Undead have set in motion? And what of Kalael, the death cultist who sought to open a permanent rift between the Keep and one of Orcus’s fine summer homes? Was he truely defeated when he was sucked in to the inky darkness of the basement portal?



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