Death Llamas

Malevolent Forces

In which the Llamas discover something is afoot in the land of the passing dead

Exiting Lord Hogarth Padraig’s former home, the Llamas trekked back to Winterfell along the winding path south. As they walked, cold rain buffeting their faces, our heroes noticed a crowd gathered outside an open mausoleum in the Winterfell graveyard. It was there that the group witnesses the failed resurrection of Jothan Ironspell. Rather than return to life, Jothan’s corpse remained still—instead, a shadowy cloud of mist in the shape of a dragon burst forth from the open mausoleum screaming “THIS ONE IS MINE!” before vanishing back in to the ether.

While discussing the event with Mayraa, Jothan’s shadar-kai ally and friend, the Llamas were attacked by Orcus’s minions. Enraged at the destruction of his summer home, the vengeful Demon Lord of the Undead launched an pack of wights at our heroes. Morale in Orcus’s undead ranks must have been low that day, because the Llamas easily defeated the undead minions without a single wound being taken. The crowd cheered at this incredible feat, some saying that the group “must be blessed by the Raven Queen herself.”

From there, the party continued onward to investigate the Gloomdeeps and uncover the mysterious Tomb of Sartine, a known portal to the Shadowfell, in hopes of finding more clues related to the shadow mist’s appearance.



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