Death Llamas

Expedition to the Gloomdeeps

In which the Llamas uncover the identity of the Crawling God

Separated from their companions by the twisting tunnels of the Gloomdeeps, Cessi, Erastes Fulmen, and Lilith Wowbagger continued to press on through the darkness in search of the mysterious Tomb of Sartine. The band stumbled apon a number of cyclops guardians in a nearby cavern, the one-eyed giants apparently watching over a long-deceased corpse covered in purple scales. With little warning, the monsters attacked!

Luckily, the band thought to check the cavern’s ceiling before engaging the giants. However, much to their horror, an enormous carrion crawler descended from the stalactites above! Hell-bent on turning our heroes in to dinner, it waved its paralytic tentacles in a menacing fashion.

The Llamas would not be defeated by this worm, despite the creature’s best efforts. A mighty blow from Lilith clove the beast’s head from its body, putting the creature to rest. Now, rejoined by their wayward companions, the Llamas press forward in search of the Tomb…



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